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About Us

The Thunderquill Tribune is a Neverwinter based organization that beacons the important issues of the moment, and is quickly earning the reputation of being a complete and comprehensive source of both professionally and publically submitted curated news. We vow to connect the major adventurers and events that are defining today’s issues and engage faction decision makers.

We have a large print circulation and our publication is read by opinion leaders, including 100% of Real Fiends, masked lords, lobbyists, batiri battle stacks, someone in a house, and you.


Chairman and Editor-in-Chief:
Sandyse Thunderquill

Staff Writers:
Immeral Siannodel, Reed Underhill

Contributing Writers:
Clayton Haselwood, Daughter of Evil, Dench, Ergaravon Bannidulles, Horace the Freak, Hans Libay, Jason O'Connell, Josef Redbane, Karl Franz, Mooney of Mulmaster, Samuel Geddarm

(The Thunderquill Tribune is not associated with Wizards of the Coast; we do not publish officially sanctioned news. It is a non-profit website made by fans.)