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Death Curse Vanquished: Port Nyanzaru Celebrates!

The death curse has been lifted! The news first broke in Port Nyanzaru where our overseas reporter Kah Alok was on-scene during the announcement. His report is as follows:

Thousands took to the streets of Port Nyanzaru yesterday as a ragged band of adventurers were presented at the Hall of Gold atop Mount Sibasa, the highest point of the city. They were accompanied and given legitimacy by the merchant prince of magic and lore Wakanga O’tamu. In a magically amplified voice, he announced that these band of heroes had returned from the jungles of Chult and had destroyed the source of the curse.

There were murmurs of skepticism at first, but before our very eyes, they raised the corpse of a slain adventurer before the crowd, causing gasps and scattered shouts of praise. Sibonseni, the chief priest of Waukeen, thoroughly inspected the newly raised individual before finally declaring that indeed, a resurrection had been successfully performed. The port itself had quieted to hear the results and at the announcement of the chief priest, erupted into cheers.

In the next few hours, there was both celebration and cause for weeping. Strangely enough, the curse seemed to persist for some dead individuals, but for others it did not. Some souls did not return to their bodies, either through the inability or unwillingness. This reporter was able to clever obtain an admittance of a secret meeting between the returning adventurers and the merchant princes, in which he learned of the reason for this.

What this reporter has learned is not for the public to know, lest malevolent entities learn of what transpired in the jungles. Know this though: the threat of the death curse has been eradicated, and a great evil has been removed from the jungles – one that was very close to destroying Toril and then moving on to other worlds. There are also still threats for the heroes of this world to prepare themselves for, as the evils that made this curse may still yet persist.

Regardless, it is a time of great celebration for the people of Toril. There were a great many artifacts and treasures returned from the expedition which are making their way through the merchant princes as we speak. I see now a bidding war has begun for an object called the Black Opal Crown, which is currently up to 7000 gold pieces. Several merchant princes are here and I see several more artifacts waiting for their turn.

This is certainly a time for celebration!


  1. Mead, monk of the Order of the Dragonturtle Monestary June 20, 2018

    If I ever get the chance, man. I’d like to buy these adventurers a drink. They are heroes, man!

    I spent my whole life dreaming of home. My parents died before they could make it to the spawning grounds. And no sooner did this tortle make it home then I got murdered by the corpses of the people I was trying to save. I was in that Soul Monger, man. I’m only alive because they did what they did.

  2. Egrun Heshenmole - Dinosaur keeper. July 30, 2018

    My jerk brother-in-law got resurrected, and these adventurers have some explaining to do! Bring back the Death Curse!

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