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Faerún Responds to the Mulmaster Occupation

While we are still collecting comprehensive documentation on the Mulmaster annexation, the inhabitants of Faerún have not been quiet voicing their opinions on the actions of Thay.

Most have been opposed to the move from the Red Wizards, denouncing their actions and promising retribution. One such denouncement comes from the mouth of Horace the Freak, who had a clear opinion of the occupation. “I for one am packing my bags and heading to Mulmaster in the morning. I will burn any undead or Red a Wizards that I find once I get there. Their assault on the FREEDOM of the people will not stand, man!”

Morgan Stepinsof backed up his support for open conflict with the Red Wizards, insinuating that he would be battling against the Red Wizards. “Sounds like I’ll be heading to the area near the conflict to see what inspiration and support I can lend to the troops there and even the score a little bit.”

Speculation and denounce continued further, as Sherinford Rothenel warned against Thay aggression and deception. “This does not bode well for the world. When a tyrant – even worse an undead tyrant – starts moving across the board and claiming territory, they are not likely to stop until somebody stops them. Plus, I still suspect there is a very specific reason for the Thayans interest in Mulmaster. Even an ignoramus can see that their interests are not humanitarian.”

Just returning from his extraplanar business in time to witness the events, Xander Xavier Xorn made his voice heard with a denouncement, including an ultimatum to Thay, the Red Wizards, and Szass Tam. “The fires have been lit, and this is but a warning, and the sole one to any Red Wizard whether they be apprentice, zulkir or Szass Tam himself. Deliver Szass and destroy all of your undead, else your towers will be destroyed from the same machinations that destroyed Mulmaster.”

However, the occupation is not without its supporters. One citizen of Mulmaster and member of its famous Brotherhood of the Cloak, Varon Cadorna, Cloak Necromancer of Mulmaster, comes from the position of one who has had his birthplace caught in the middle of this conflict. “The Factions have overstepped their limits. Not only did they in their efforts to save Mulmaster last time flood the city, but this time in another foolhardy attempt attacked one of the only powers actually helping Mulmaster rebuild. Please take your conflicts elsewhere and not to the city of my Birth.”


  1. Sherinford Rothenel June 26, 2018

    Sherinford Rothenel, Consultating Detective. Lost items found. Complicated plots unraveled. Mysteries solved. My office is in Waterfeep, not far from the world famous Yawning Portal. If I am going to get free press out of this, I shall milk it for all its worth.

    • Anonymous July 2, 2018

      The Cloak is right. Did a country attack Thay? No, a rag tag group of factions, unsupported by any nation, attacked. Threats and talk is cheap, the factions united against the Dragon Queen once, the hubris hasn’t helped them. The clumsy talk of these factions and their obvious intent to take over the world by imposing themselves is pathetic.

      Let the grown ups deal with Thay, not some bookish groups of wizards and gnome illusionists better employed at children’s birthday parties.

  2. Anonymous September 19, 2019

    Someone is killing Red Wizards.
    In the last ten day the number of Red Wizards missing or found dead has increased fourfold over the usual deaths by rivalry and experimental accidents. Strangely, none of the dead were of a great rank, most of them lesser Red Wizards, new to the craft. The spies of Thay’s enemies are jubilant, everyone claiming the Thayans are in a revolt, some fools claiming responsibility and disappearing…

    The Tharchions are certain. This is no internal matter albeit occurring in Thay itself. Warnings are sent to friends and enemies far and wide. Yet the rumour that the Red Wizards cannot protect their own persists. A few clues emerge…the victims were all alone and killed by physical violence in a few seconds. Anonymous Wizards report some of the areas impossible to reach except by a virtual army…

    Rashemen, Aglarond and other major players in the region are not commenting.

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