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Factions Fortify Port Nyanzaru; Citizens Celebrate Victory Over Red Wizards

Order of the Gauntlet troops paraded down the streets of Port Nyanzaru several days ago, the first in a series of planned public demonstrations.

Most of the Gauntlet’s stationed troops in Chult participated in the city-wide spectacle. Knights, nobles, paladins, and clerics waved to crowds as other veterans, merchants, citizens, and other curious on-lookers cheered them on.

Vindicator Majel Makaria, master of ceremonies, stopped with us momentarily to give us a word. “This is a serious display of the divine power that the troops of the Order of the Gauntlet represent,” she said proudly, “we’re here to show the Red Wizards that their recent display of aggression on Port Nyanzaru will not be tolerated and that we are that much stronger for it. I should thank them for giving us some combat training!”

Over the course of this year, the port has seen a massive amount of Gauntlet soldiers make their home here, led by Alastar Bol, the regional commander for Gauntlet forces. Over this month alone, approximately 100 soldiers were deployed after the Red Wizard attack with a massive amount of undead. Officials have yet to give a number that estimates the total number of Gauntlet personal working in Chult.

If the Gauntlet is determined to protect Chult, the Lord’s Alliance is even more so, having poured resources into the area and constructed their own stronghold named Fort Beluarian near Port Nyanzaru staffed by able-bodied soldiers willing to patrol and protect the areas surrounding Nyanzaru.

Commander Liara Portyr is the ranking officer at the fort, who attended the Gauntlet demonstration to lend her support for the increased troop presence.“We’re always preparing for the fight,” she said to the Tribune, “any fight that comes to our doorstep. The fort and the Alliance have already replaced the losses we suffered on the assault. We’re very well equipped. The patrols in the jungle are still running. We’re glad that our Gauntlet friends are finally catching up.”

Tomorrow, Nyanzaru will host the largest dinosaur races in quite some time, along with feasting, as a celebration of the victory they achieved over the undead. It will culminate in a joint meeting in Goldenthrone by the merchant princes about increasing defenses, although word on the street is that this is mostly for show and most negotiations will take place behind closed villa doors.

The racing dinosaur “Banana Candy,” a crowd pleaser , is rumored to make an appearance during the celebration.


  1. Horace the Freak June 20, 2018

    Way to go Order of the Gauntlet! Way to go all free peoples of the world. We will not allow evil like the Red Wizards to enslave us.

  2. Anonymous July 2, 2018

    Despite the soon dead freak, the Order does indeed require praise. They stopped a plague of zombies created centuries ago by a Bara of the dead city Mezro. Though there were indeed Red Wizards, remember that many renegades of their ilk helped the Dragon Queen, while Thay opposed her.

    Nothing is as it seems, except perhaps that the freak is doomed simply because a nail needs flattening. Did you think you were Elminster or a Chosen? Tanner did, and he now serves another purpose.

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