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The Soulmonger is Destroyed, But Chult is Swarming With Hunters of Its Remains

The defeat of the death curse from the destruction of the Soulmonger, an evil artifact of unimaginable power that siphoned souls from across our realm, is was of the great victories of our recent time. We no longer have to worry about this threat, but the after effects of its destruction are still being felt across the peninsula where it resided.

Recent stories coming back from Chult tell of Red Wizards of Thay, yuan-ti, liches, and other creatures who are flocking to the jungles to try and recover pieces of the artifact for their own purposes. In response to this, adventurers are now being called from far and wide to hunt down and destroy these pieces.

All of this activity seems to be centered on one particular area: the Peaks of Flame in southern Chult. Groups of all sorts have been seen equipping themselves in Port Nyanzaru to sail around to the south to make the grueling trek across a field of ash and smoke to delve into ancient ruins.

The Temple of Savros in Port Nyanzaru has been abuzz lately as visions seem to have increased tenfold since the Soulmonger’s destruction. This has been the beginning of many an expedition to uncover the pieces of the Soulmonger as of late.

We asked known archmage Syndra Silvane, a retired adventurer turned merchant currently living in Baldur’s Gate, about what recovering these pieces could mean:

“Terrible things,” she stated outright, “if a nefarious group gets their hands on one or more of these pieces, they may be able to recreate the effects of the Soulmonger, albeit initially at a much smaller scale.”

She went on to state that she believed the Red Wizards and yuan-ti were the “main opponents” in the race to find the missing pieces. It also did not escape her sight that the adventurers who destroyed the Soulmonger left its pieces where they lay. “Typical modern-day adventurers, you wouldn’t have found me so careless back in my adventuring days.”

One anonymous source also informed us that there may be a second, more sinister purpose behind the increased yuan-ti presence. According to old legends, Dendar the Night Serpent rests underneath the Peaks of Flame, kept there by Ubtao.

Dendar is one of the gods of the yuan-ti who is said to bring the complete destruction of the world when it emerges from the peaks. As you may have heard, Ubtao is no longer a major presence in Chult, which may mean that the yuan-ti have been lead to believe that the shards of the Soulmonger may help them in summoning their deity.

Of course, those are nothing more than rumors at this point. It is quite possible that it is simply enough to obtain a piece of a powerful artifact.

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  1. Sherinford Rothenel, Consulting Detective June 20, 2018

    “Typical modern-day adventurers, you wouldn’t have found me so careless back in my adventuring days.”

    Indeed, it does seem careless to leave potentially dangerous debris behind, but one never said that saving life as we know it would be a simple affair. One can not leap directly to a conclusion without all of the information. I myself was hired by clients to investigate the cause of the Death Curse, and I didn’t have even half of the success that these “modern-day adventurers”.

    One must not forget to sometimes be humble and thankful that somebody was there to solve the problem.

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