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Fiends: Friend or Foe?

Yes, the first thing you may be thinking when you see the title of this article is outrage; shock; confusion that someone could possibly use “friend” and “fiends” in the same sentence together. For a long time in the realm, it has been a forgone conclusion that demons were our natural enemies and that we would do well to stay as far away from them as possible.

However, with the recent resurgence of the “warlock” which are those individuals who choose to make pacts with these fiends, I feel it is time to revisit our stance upon them. Our generation has it ingrained in our mind that they are to be avoided, yet it is our children – the young generation – who are proving us wrong.

How many times have our warlock brethren emerged from the cracks and crevices of society to help us in our recent times of troubles? We would normally shun them, but we were forced to accept their help, and now we find ourselves associating with them as if they were your friend next-door wizard. Should we also shun the providers of their power? The “fiends” who give them the ability to shoot those fascinating purple beams continually out of their fingers at our enemies? Why do this?

In light of this, I propose that we all work together to embrace our new friends from the other planes, and perhaps begin to think about thinking twice before immediately banishing them from our plane upon sight. Paladins and clerics: I’m looking at you!

At least consider it the next time you meet one. Add miud zmy fyh’ru, sma sudd ruwy iqiul.

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