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Thay Annexes Mulmaster and Denounces Faerún Factions

Thay has officially moved to annex Mulmaster. Smoke and fire can still be seen billowing from the city. There is a massive wave of displaced citizens evacuating, some injured. The fighting still appears to be going on, with the sounds of steel echoing from districts still on fire. There is the occasional stray magical spell seen flying into the air. A massive amount of devastation has occurred within the city which has been not seen since the elemental cults attacked.

An official from the nation of Thay addressed Faerún yesterday with a public statement made from a diplomatic embassy in Thay. The bald wizard, wearing finely made red robes, proudly read off of a prepared statement. “Mulmaster, the jewel of north, has always been dear to the hearts and minds of Thay. I come to you here to help you understand why the annexation was the correct choice both for Mulmaster, and for Thay. The protection of the people is always foremost on our minds, and from this point forward, our great nation will be taking on the role of guardian for the good people there.”

Continuing on, he denounced the “global persecution” from the factions of Faerún, specifically calling them out for their political tactics. “Again and again the ruling factions of Faerún have stood in the way of progress, cheated us, made decisions behind our backs, and preemptively attacked us. We were always told the same thing after pointing out the increasing number of unlawful raids on our researchers, the hesitancy of the major alliances and factions to devote resources to their protectorates, and how they instead concentrated it on the buildup of military forces on our borders. We were always told: ‘the matters of Faerún do not concern you.’ Now you know that they do.”

The new rulership of Mulmaster is currently not recognized by any of the major powers and has already seen renewed denouncements and sanctions on Thay. It is reported that multiple Thay diplomats have been expelled for security reasons and military buildup has accelerated from its already high rate. Despite these actions, it is likely that the denouncements and buildup will do little to deter similar expansion from Thay – especially with the proof of their speed and efficiency of their military demonstrated in Mulmaster.

A representative of the Order of the Gauntlet was present at the Thay announcement who we contacted for brief statements. Clearly upset, he stated that the situation with Thay had now gone from “…a political skirmish to a military operation,” and “…the situation has no one to blame but the instigator: Szass Tam.” He further stated that he would be calling for the Gauntlet to muster troops and provide humanitarian and military support to “…the rightful rulers of Mulmaster.”

Other forces from Thay – both alive and undead – were seen moving across the countryside before and after the annexation. Although the city already boasted a healthy Red Wizard presence due to its embassy, we currently do not know how many casualties there were in the fighting. With the Red Wizards being known necromancers, it is entirely possible that their ranks have greatly expanded from the conflict.

Despite the takeover of Mulmaster, we still know very little about the end goals of Thay. Is this a lone incident or the start of a larger campaign for a greater Thay? The zulkirs have said very little in public about these things, with the most extensive remarks that we’ve heard in quite some time coming after their Mulmaster takeover. We do know that in the history of Thay, there have been conquests to expand their reach in the name of rightful annexation, although they were larger in scale and with mixed success at best.

Officially, war has not yet been officially declared by any side over this annexation. Thay claims that their move was justified, although time will tell if the other powers of Faerún recognize their claim. The zulkirs of Thay have directly challenged the world with this move and the response from the rest of the world will set the stage for year to come. Recognizing their claim as legitimate or doing nothing will likely see a further expansion of Thay beyond Mulmaster, while military action could mean widespread war.

Once on-site witnesses are interviewed, we will be bringing you more on what exactly happened during the conflict within the city.


  1. Horace the Freak June 20, 2018

    I for one am packing my bags and heading to Mulmaster in the morning. I will burn any undead or Red a Wizards that I find once I get there. Their assault on the FREEDOM of the people will not stand, man!

    I won my staff of fire from a Red a Wizard when they sided with the Cult of the Dragon. Now I’ll be using it to shove a fireball so far up their collective posteriors, they’ll have heartburn for a month.

    • Varon Cadorna, Cloak Necromancer of Mulmaster June 20, 2018

      By the sounds of it Horace, thats what the last group tried to do and failed Miserably.

      Perhaps the official from Thay is right, The Factions have overstepped their limits. Not only did they in their efforts to save Mulmaster last time flood the city , but this time in another foolhardy attempt attacked one of the only powers actually helping Mulmaster rebuild. Please take your conflicts elsewhere and not to the city of my Birth.

    • Horace the Freak June 20, 2018

      Varon Cadorna,

      Your words are the ravings of someone that supports slavery and oppression. People are better dead or drowned than enslaved.

  2. Sherinford Rothenel June 20, 2018

    This does not bode well for the world. When a tyrant – even worse an undead tyrant – starts moving across the board and claiming territory, they are not likely to stop until somebody stops them.

    Plus, I still suspect there is a very specific reason for the Thayans interest in Mulmaster. Even an ignoramous can see that their interests are not humanitarian.

    The game is afoot!

  3. Morgan Stepinsof June 20, 2018

    Hmm, I’ve seen with me own two eyes what Tam and his cronies are capable of I can still hear the drums in my head from Chult do you know how hard it is to musically perform magical feats when sometimes all you can hear is those drums? Sounds like I’ll be heading to the area near the conflict to see what inspiration and support I can lend to the troops there and even the score a little bit.

    Morgan Stepinsof

  4. Xander Xavier Xorn June 21, 2018

    I was busy dealing with a few planar matters and I have returned to the Prime to hear of the passing of my friend Tick Tary Tanner. I have returned to the Prime to find Mulmaster, a city I have done a few deeds to help preserve and build towards this jewel destroyed. I have returned to the Prime to find that undead plagues lead by the lich Szass Tam. A quiet life of research and study is what I had planned for the next few decades of of my mortal life. However, I will not stand for this. Retirement is done. Thay has awakened a sleeping dragon. No longer will Red Robes live in their towers with only the worry that an apprentice will attempt to murder them and take their title. No longer will the free people of Thay sleep soundly in the night. The tharchion’s will have nightmares of the days when the Simbul was loosed upon the cities of Thay once more. Portals to the rifts Thay so struggled to control from the elemental planes will instead open in locations within Thay, and the fields of fire Thay so feared will return.

    The fires have been lit, and this is but a warning, and the sole one to any Red Wizard whether they be apprentice, zulkir or Szass Tam himself. Deliver Szass and destroy all of your undead, else your towers will be destroyed from the same mechanations that destroyed Mulmaster. You have set the rules of engagement and there will be quarter. Until this is done, no Thayan will be safe. The things I will do for this world to see this cycle of appeasement is done. For if you are going to ask someone to save the world, you’d better make sure the way it is. Like the former mageocracies of the past, Thay’s time is counting down. What you do with it will be up to the people of Thay, on whether they will make a change, or continue as they are now. The former has possibilities., the latter will be their doom.


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  7. Fineva Alassra Silverhand of Orogoth, bearer of the mask August 11, 2018

    Thay will decimate 3 citizens of Mulmaster per adventurer opposing them, in or out of city. Thay wants factions to give rosters to keep those on roster ‘safe’. Thay will negotiate a withdrawal after 5 years.

    Well that gives the calendar and planning time for the factions, the cities and nations of Faerun. You have less than 5 years to react.

    -Zora Fineva Alassra Silverhand of Orogoth.
    Defender of the displaced, leader of Nightstone.

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