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Weave Wibble Wobbles; Wizards Wary

Those more attuned to the arcane and divine magics of the weave sense a very disturbing ripple through the threads. Something is stirring in Faerun.

At least, this is the current rumor making its rounds around the community. I asked our very own half-orc sorcerer, Dench, about the rumors of these ripples through the threads. He chimed in with his expert arcane knowledge on the matter:

“I ain’t felt nothin’ ‘cept when I was eatin’ sumthin’ this mornin’. Dat was a big ripple, haw haw!”

Intriguing thoughts indeed from our resident magician. Consulting other local arcane experts yielded mixed results, some unable to confirm the presence of wobbling, some claiming that some wibbling had indeed occurred, and others refused to comment or were out adventuring.

Whether or not this is just blustering or a real movement in the weave is yet to be seen. We’ll be on the lookout for any further vibrations. In the meantime, we recommend that any arcane users withhold from rough massages, bumpy cart rides, or any other vibrational movements that could potentially mask the detect of further wibble wobbles. If you detect any ripples, do not panic and assume it is another spellplague. Please proceed to the nearest local government and inform them of your observations, then assume the Fireball Safety Position underneath the nearest desk or chair in case of weave backlash.


  1. Horace the Freak June 20, 2018

    There is always something coming. Always another threat to fight.

  2. Sherinford Rothenel, Consulting Detective June 20, 2018

    This is, I’m afraid, the problem with magic. The phychology of an intelligent being is such that one tends to predict the worst. They see shadows and boogie men where there are none. Or worse, there really is a threat but we are blind to it because we are relying upon tea leaves and pendulums rather than looking for proper clues.

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