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Factions Balk at Supporting War with Thay

The factions have been abuzz with the growing situation concerning the Emerald Enclave and their declaration of war. Countless meetings with high ranking faction members and chatter among the lower ranks has resulted in a response leading towards a show of non-support towards the Enclave. Although several vocal figures in their respective factions have spoken out in favor, the overall decision has been held closely to their chest.

An unnamed, high-ranking source within the Lord’s Alliance spoke their mind on the situation:

“Although the Thayans are indeed an unsavory lot to most of the populace, and I do agree that we must work towards change, it will not come from wild threats and a hasty crusade. I don’t believe it to be in the Alliance’s best interests to be part of this omnibus declaration that has threats of tariff against the Lords if we do not end all diplomacy with the Thayans.”

Other sources echoed similar sentiments, while others expressed their burning desire to join the fight:

“Mark my words, the evil wrought by the Thayans far exceeds that done by the cultists of the dragon. The dead need to be put to rest, and the sins of the perpetrators needs to be atoned for. These men are the greater evil of the world, too long have we tolerated them and turned our eye, but no more. To them I raise my sword and swear my oath of vengeance!”

It remains to be seen what the response from Thay will be at this point. There are rumors circulating of a scrying orb with a countdown showing within. We’ll be reporting on that matter as soon as we learn more.

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