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Rich and Famous Flocking to Mulmaster

It seems that despite its cult infiltration in the past, Mulmaster is still high on the list of attractive places for the rich and famous to migrate. There has been an influx of refugees of high standing from other assaulted towns and cities of the Moonsea.

Baron Debent is among one of the most popular individuals to come along recently, flaunting his odd but colorful style, and erecting a curious stone ziggeraut on the edge of the sound of the city.

Construction is nearing completion, and there are rumors in the air that the powerful of Mulmaster will soon be invited to share in the delights of the Baron’s establishment, which at this time is known only as “The Complex.”

Governmebt officials are reported to be incredibly pleased at the new construction, citing an increase the in jobs and commerce ever since the building’s ground was laid. Spirits are also high among the slums, as many refugees have been hired to work in The Complex.

Adventurers of curious types seem  onto be the guest list, as odd explorers of all shapes and sizes have arrived, claiming to have received an invitation to a future event there. Several warlocks of unknown alignments have been sighted among them, including one reportedly with a familiar pseudodragon and a halfling with an oddly bouyant shield. A motley crew to be sure.

Still, there are whispers that should The Complex prove a success, we may see an economic recovery in Mulmaster sooner than later. The people, both high and low, are holding their breath.

Out of Character: We’re currently reporting live from Save vs Hunger 2018. I’d you play at a table with one of our reporters, you may see your story appear here!

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