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BREAKING: Szass Tam Assaults Port Nyanzaru!

In an alarming piece of breaking news, we’ve just now received a staggering amount of reports coming in from adventurers and organizations in Chult. They all say the same thing: Szass Tam and the Red Wizards of Thay have conducted a large scale assault on Port Nyanzaru. We’ve received many testimonies that all read similarly: earlier this week, swarms of undead accompanied by an assortment of mind controlled slaves advanced on Port Nyanzaru with the intention of total destruction. There were also sightings of a massive moving castle that was depositing zombies and other undead over its side as it “walked” towards the city.

Many heroes stationed in Chult and others who were translocated into the area fought against the swarm bravely, despite an unsettling number succumbing to a terrible new plague of undeath spread through mere contact with the infected. Adventurers from all sides turned on each other as the plague swept through them and destroyed their mind, rendering them unable to tell friend from foe.

Despite this ghastly disease, the defenders of the Port were triumphant, driving back Szass Tam and several other allies reported to be in the field, such as the lich Valindra Shadowmantle, who was previously rumored to be operating in Chult. She was confirmed by several reports to be present at the battle and on the side of the undead horde. A cure was concocted onsite for those affected by this horrible new plague, which saved most of our brave souls who had succumbed to the plague, although we have no way of knowing at this time if it was completely eradicated.

There were also reports that magical weapons of mass destruction were also fielded by Szass Tam, although the exact nature of the weapon in question has not yet been revealed by officials due to its nature. Anonymous sources within tell us that the weapons do not appear similar to previous Thayvian devices in appearance, although similar in destructive power.

Despite the countless eyewitness and official reports from Chult, Thay is denying any involvement in the matter, stating that the entire incident was a Lord’s Alliance experiment gone wrong and their blame is a blatant false flag operation to shift blame. There was also blame laid on a group known as the Verdantium for assisting in an operation to “…deceive the good people of Faerún to launch attacks against Thay.” Officials from the Lord’s Alliance have denied this accusation.

All organizations across Faerún are currently on high alert, although no strikes from or against Thay have been reported at this time. Tensions are now higher than ever and fingers are already being pointed across the aisle. A war with Thay, the idea of which had been slowly fading in the public mind, has now come back even stronger than before. We have already seen previously silent community leaders openly calling for retaliation against Thay.

Regardless of who to blame for this incident, Chult is very much in need of relief. Adventurers, organizations, and governments are already lining up to hunt down the remaining undead and offer what assistance they can to our friends in Port Nyanzaru. If you would like to offer gold or services, please contact your nearest government official or friendly organization to help.


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  1. Palant Stagar April 20, 2018

    In case of war this coward Szass Tam will not flee as he did in Chult!
    – Palant Stagar, Dread Lord, professor of applied draconology from Silverymoon

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