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Szass Tam Plans Surprise Visit to Mulmaster

The leader of Thay, the lich known as Szass Tam, has accepted an invitation to visit the embassy in Mulmaster, discuss Mulmaster political issues, and tour the finer parts of the city. 

This news comes as a surprise after the recent incident in Chult, with Mulmaster officials promising “guarantees of security” to the nervous residents of the city.

There is a good chance that the visiting ruler will be invited to high level meetings to discuss the political situation with Mulmaster and Thay, and also to address the increasing amount of undead that have been sighted outside of the Thayvian embassy.

“When the undead are gone from this city … that will be a time that I hope to see in the future,” a resident of Mulmaster said, “I swear that I’ve seen them creeping in dark allies – from shambling elves to crawling gnomes. It’s not right.”

There are rumors that the High Blade and Szass Tam will be meeting personally, which would be the first time they have made an official one-on-one meeting.

Although the High Blade was unavailable for comment personally, an elegantly dressed spokesperson assured the Tribune that the two rulers would be working on issues that currently separate the two powers.

“Mulmaster has many concerns and we look forward to working with the Thayvian officials to solve these problems in good faith,” the spokesperson said, “anything we do will be for the good of our fine city. This could be the first in many productive meetings.”

“Szass Tam is an incredible negotiator and a smart ruler,” said a Red Wizard representative who commented while leaving the embassy, “there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing a much brighter future in the coming days.”

The representative did not give any further comment and was carried off in a litter by four animated skeletons.

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  1. Horace the Freak June 20, 2018

    We knew where Szass Tam would be, and nobody contracted as assassin?!? You people! Really?!?

    • Sandyse Thunderquill Post author | June 20, 2018

      It will be expanded upon in an article that is currently in-progress, but it seems that Szass Tam in this instance sent a simulacrum and he was the target of several individuals during the recent annexation.

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