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Thieves Being Replaced by Fake Animals

Adventuring groups are more and more leaning not on the traditional thief in their dungeon delving exploits, but on conjured animals as trapfinders. As the presence of spellcasters become more and more prevalent, it has become cheaper to hire a local summoner to run their conjured spirits through the dungeon into traps instead of relying on the fast fingered thief. According to recent studies done by top adventuring guilds in Waterdeep, adventuring parties are currently filling their ranks with mice, deer, and owls at a ratio of 3:1 thieves to druids for the role of trap finder.

All of this begs one vital question: what effect does this have on the local economy? According to an unnamed City Watch Rorden in Waterdeep, local crime is on the rise, as thieves who would once be occupied with dungeon trapfinder are now turning to less than scrupulous activities after being turned away from adventuring groups in their local tavern.

Navis Tellar, a self-proclaimed “Waterdhavian treasure hunter”, weighed in with his opinion on the matter.

“I used to be able to find work in the first tavern I went to, but now I have to search for days! People don’t think of how much of a tab you run up every time you strike out at a tavern. It’s ridiculous that smelly druids from the bog are being used in place of us experts. It’s insulting to us and dangerous to the adventuring party. What’s group to do if they find a trap that a little bunny can’t just run through and set off. Stupid!”

He was later seen after the interview attempting to coax a rat out of a sewer grate while holding bread crumbs and a tree branch.

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