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Factions Changing Entry Standards to Attract More Recruits

Before the Red War, there were already many rumors of the major factions (Emerald Enclave, Harpers, Lord’s Alliance, Order of the Gauntlet, and Zhentarim) setting higher recruitment targets and discussions of the changing of standards to accommodate these new goals. Now we’re seeing those policies roll out in the form of relaxed standards for entry into the factions.

Interestingly enough, all of the factions seem to have settled on the same recruitment policy: they’re now putting effort into directly petitioning members of previously barred groups such as warrens of kobolds, orcish warband, goblin tribes, and hobgoblins mercenary bands for membership, and issuing forgiveness for previous denials of entry to these groups.

Last year, numbers from recruitment efforts in the Lord’s Alliance were revealed to us which stated that a massive 1 in 6 individuals were turned away due to reasons of security due to affiliation in the aforementioned groups. Now, they’re giving them a second look.

A spokesman from the Lord’s Alliance commented on this change, stating that “while some may misconstrue this as a ‘lowering of standards’ and a ‘security risk’, we always have a desire to recruit quality individuals into the Alliance. This policy change is the natural byproduct of recognizing talent in places which have been previously overlooked.”

Of course, given the recent escalation between Thay and the factions, the possibility that this recruitment is for a war effort is highly likely, as many of the newly accepted individuals come from a background of conflict. As the Thayvian conflicts worsen, we may see a wide swath of individuals from all walks of life being welcomed into the factions.


  1. Sherinford Rothenel, Consulting Detective July 17, 2018

    I do not see this as the factions trying to recruit war bands of monsters. This is the factions making the intelligent decision and opening themselves to seeing the potential of a diamond in the rough. I for one have heard of a Kobold barbarian that has built up quite a heroic legend around him. He’s tried and failed to join the Zhents in the past. And I’ve heard of a Tabaxi scholar that I can only hope remains with her present company.

    Race may lend itself to a certain statistical tendency, but a brilliant individual will defy all statistics.

  2. Anonymous July 21, 2018

    Dead faction members need replacing. The obvious sources have dried up after disastrous wars destroying swathes of territory, particularly against Thay.

    Thay will hit these fools repeatedly, and it is doubtful that monster faction recruits will do any better than veterans, most of whom are zombies or fled.

  3. Sherinford Rothenel, Consulting Detective August 10, 2018


    Much of what you say is true, if pessimistic. The factions do need new recruits. Many people, particularly those from Mulmaster, have turned against the factions.

    I strongly disagree with your assertion that most from the factions have fled or become undead, however. There may be some individuals, yes. There always is. But that hardly justifies your use of the word “most”.

    Let me remind you, that if it wasn’t for the factions banding together in recent years, most of us would have been trampled under the clawed heels of Tiamat. Evil dragons would be ascendant in the world.

    If it were not for the Factions, cults of elemental evil would have destroyed far more than merely Mulmaster.

    I could continue on, but I think I have made my point.

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