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Tick Tary Tanner Killed by Red Wizards in Hillsfar

UPDATE 5:23pm, 5/4/2018: First responder testimony; another assassination attempt.

Author of the Shadowtop Cathedral Declaration, leader of the movement against Thay, the gnome Tick Tary Tanner was shot and killed by Red Wizard assassins today.

He was ambushed while traveling through the downtown area of Hillsfar and died from several poisoned crossbow bolts and firey spells. On-site resurrections proved to be ineffective at returning him to life. The reason for this failure is currently unknown.

Witnesses who fled the scene shortly after the ambush began say that he seemed hesitant to fight back, likely fearing nearby civilian casualties. Three red wizards and two cloaked assassins were spotted fleeing the area around his corpse.

The Emerald Enclave has announced a funeral to take place within the tenday, the date and time to be posted later. It will take place outside the gates of Hillsfar, along the Moonsea shoreline. His body will be cremated and the ashes transported to Silverymoon to the Temple of Shiallia, who had marked Tick one of her chosen.

Shortly after the assassination, faction leaders convened to discuss the ramifications of the hit. So far no arrests have been made in response to the killing. Citizens of Hillsfar are advised to guard themselves well while the assassins are being apprehended.

Friends and associates have already come forward publically with condolences and promises to continue his work. There have been public denouncements from adventurers close to Tick against the Red Wizards, although no official word has been heard from any of the organizations of Faerún as of yet.

On a personal note, this author met with Tick Tary Tanner shortly before his death to conduct an interview regarding his war against Thay. Although his methods may have been highly controversial and highly denounced, I can say with confidence that he had the best intentions for Faerún at the forefront of his mind.

UPDATE 5:23pm, 5/4/2018

We have received word from a personal friend of Tick Tary Tanner who was confirmed to be one of the first on the scene after the assassination and claims to have also been attacked by Red Wizards. His personal remarks are as follows:

Maalkur dun’Lareth, friend of Tick Tary Tanner and fellow member of the Fedhiin Taloth, was one of the first upon the scene in Hillsfar. After attempts to resurrect his friend failed, he was filled with a burning desire for vengeance upon those who slew his beloved friend.Those desires came to fruition as he was attacked in the library in Hillsfar by three Red Wizards and two assassins. His keen perception saved him as he became aware of the impending attack moments before the strike.A fierce battle erupted, and Maalkur held back nothing, though he was careful not to wreak total destruction upon the library (the wizards were not so considerate, to the great dismay of the librarian). The assassins found that Maalkur was all but immune to their poisoned blades, though the wizards inflicted significant damage with their powerful spells.Maalkur countered with a powerful spell of his own, summoning the pure light of dawn within the library, causing great radiant pain on his attackers. His warhammer was no less fearsome, grievously smashing his would-be assassins.Finally, as three of his foes were slain and two were all but defeated, he cast a spell banishing one Red Wizard, still living, to the Abyss, then finished the remaining wizard with his warhammer.Seeing a bystander who had been slain by one of the spells cast by the evil wizards, Maalkur cast a spell to revive the hapless witness back to life.Angry yet exultant, Maalkur collected the heads of his fallen foes and wrapped them in one of their red robes and quickly left the library to set his plan in motion: settlement of a so-called “debt of dishonor” that he, Tick and other members of the Fedhiin Taloth had supposedly “earned.” Packing the smashed heads of his recently vanquished enemies in a crate, along with gold and a rare magic item, Maalkur penned a letter to the Zulkir in Mulmaster:

Zulkir Dar’lon Ma,

Though some might consider it a fault, I am a man who holds his own honor in high regard, and I find it undesirable that you would afford me a dishonorable status. Furthermore, I am not a man who wishes to be held indebted in any manner to anyone, least of all a Red Wizard. Recent happenings – of which you are no doubt aware – have made the hazards of such debt abundantly clear. Therefore, with the contents of this crate, I am fulfilling the requirements for the settlement of my “debt of dishonor” to you.

Enclosed within, you will be pleased to find 10,000 gold pieces and a rare magic item: a staff of healing. (Apologies that I was not able to use it on your minions, but as you can see within the crate, their condition after our meeting was far beyond the power of the staff.) This debt of dishonor is settled. I do not need to remind you that betraying the terms of this settled debt would be an even greater act of dishonor, one that is far beneath you.

That stated, we must move forward, and I am pleased to put to rest any expectations or hopes you have that your deeds will go unpunished.

I, Maalkur dun’Lareth, Blessed of Callarduran Smoothhands, Hammer of the Iron Tabernacle, Hero of Gauntlgrym, Warduke of the Lord’s Alliance, and Avatar of Battle of The Red Knight make this declaration on behalf of the Fedhiin Taloth:

Your existence is forfeit and we shall have vengeance upon you and all those who align themselves with you. Your time has come due.

Until we meet again,
Maalkur dun’Lareth


  1. Horace the Freak May 3, 2018

    Attention Red Wizards,

    People nobler than I stood up to your policies of evil and enslavement. You murdered them for it. This aggression will not stand. This war will not devolve into a cycle of you kill and we kill. It isn’t going to happen that way. No.

    You. Will. Burn.

  2. Anonymous May 29, 2018

    It’s a fool who believes the tick dead. Got a few fools going though.

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