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What is the Verdantium? The Inter-Faction Coalition has a Name; Sources Claim its Leader Hails from Noble Family

The five great factions of Faerûn (Order of the Gauntlet, Lords’ Alliance, the Harpers, the Zhentarim, and Emerald Enclave) have not always seen eye to eye. But there have been times, when threats so large rise up, that the factions have put aside their different agendas and combine forces to fend off their mutual foes. And yet, the Red War strained that unity.

There is no shortage of commentary on who is blame or what could have been done differently, if anything at all. But the real question remains, the most important question: Now that Thayan flags are flying over Mulmaster, what’s next?

In the months since the monumental battle, a few reports have slipped out of Mulmaster. Some commoners claim that the letter “V” from the dwarvish alphabet has appeared as graffiti across the city, especially on Thayan buildings—before quickly being removed. We also know that heroes across the Sword Coast and Moonsea have begun displaying the tree of life symbol on their banners, shields, or embroidered onto cloaks as a way to proclaim their “Verdantium pledge.” Many shops, taverns, and guildhalls have placed a bowl of acorns near the front door a way to show support for this Verdantium.

What is the Verdantium?

The term has become synonymous with the pledge that an adventurer takes when he or she commits to fighting against the Red Wizards. It is a word associated with life and growth, clearly in opposition to the lich Szass Tam. The word however has also become associated with the inter-faction army itself.

Reliable sources claim this coalition is being lead by the venerable Prince Doran Hightower of the Lords’ Alliance. The Hightowers are a noble family with a long history in Cormyr and connections to the Purple Dragon Knights.

The Thunderquill would very much like to interview the elusive Prince Hightower, who—if he is, in fact, leading the resistance forces against Thay—has become a key figure in the Red War and on the social political landscape of Faerûn.

We’ll keep our readers updated on our efforts.

Out of Character

The Verdantium: A Red War Roleplaying Guide is available on DMsGuild.

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Verdantium Facebook Group

Verdantium Discord Server


  1. Anonymous October 28, 2018

    Mister Tanner saved my sanity. I pray to Ubtao for him.
    Eresseae Orogoth

  2. Anonymous February 13, 2023

    At the rate of Red Wizards assaults, a conservative estimate being one per week, how many Red Wizards and assassins have been killed by Fort Malkin, a desperado stronghold advertising its ire against Thay?

    By assaulting, Thay gets to Winnow its newbies, similar to the war against Alassra centuries ago.
    By assaulting and losing throwaway forces Thay gets to keep its promise of “kill one of us, lose three Mulmaster citizens”. (Now undead)

    Answer… too many. Three times that in lives of Mulmaster.

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