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Posts published by “Sandyse Thunderquill”

Sandyse Thunderquill is the founder, chairman, and editor-in-chief of the Thunderquill Tribune.

Before starting the news service, Sandyse studied the arcane arts in Neverwinter under her own tutilage before moving on to adventuring, which she still does in her spare time.

Szass Tam Plans Surprise Visit to Mulmaster

The leader of Thay, the lich known as Szass Tam, has accepted an invitation to visit the embassy in Mulmaster, discuss Mulmaster political issues, and…

Tick Tary Tanner Killed by Red Wizards in Hillsfar

UPDATE 5:23pm, 5/4/2018: First responder testimony; another assassination attempt. Author of the Shadowtop Cathedral Declaration, leader of the movement against Thay, the gnome Tick Tary…

BREAKING: Szass Tam Assaults Port Nyanzaru!

In an alarming piece of breaking news, we’ve just now received a staggering amount of reports coming in from adventurers and organizations in Chult. They…